Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tour information 4

Koh por(Dec /07)
jungle trekking

Speed boat Koh por(september /08)

Koh kong island


  1. Me and my friends stayed at oasis for the past week now in october, and it has truly been awesome! We went to Koh Por / beautiful scenary and a really cool place.. a tip is to bring some food so you can stay a bit longer, something that we missed.. we also went with Jason and his friend to Koh Kong Island - an experience of total leisure and one of the most beautiful places we've ever seen! All and all, we only have good things to say about Oasis and the tours. A great stay!

  2. Koh por was paradise,the boat journey was inspirational scenery,it took my mind off the the bumpy ride!lying in pools surround by jungle and we saw a horn bill,wow!Mathias,Louise(france)