Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Koh kong islands trip

The trip to koh kong island that we have been running for 8yrs is still a great trip but 4 other Khmer hotels are running the same trip now and leaving all there food litter on the beach,we cleaned this beach every time for years but now cannot remove all there litter so a beautiful spot is becoming dirty,apologies for anyone who has been let down by this.If you book with koh kong eco tours you will still get a good value day out with great bbq,the other hotels will give you poor food and a bad trip,read the internet to see these bad trips run by two bad hotels to make sure your holiday isnt disappointed,as always any where int he world if a bus takes you to a hotel they own and then try and keep you in there restaurant and do there tours its bad sign!.

Tuk Tuk annoyances!

Due to increasing greed and problems with the bus station and tuk tuks in koh kong with the authority doing nothing about, please  email for arranged tuk tuk pick up to the resort for $2 plus the corrupot bus station $0.50 tax!If you try your self you will be hassled by rude aggressive tuk tuk drivers demanding $4-5 for a 2km ride or they will take you for a $2 to commission paying dirty,poorly run Khmer hotel!let us help you take the hassle away that Cambodia seems to welcome visitors with!
Oasis resort has now handed over all tours to eh Khmer people we have been training and koh kong eco tours now run all the tours and booking,please visit there site and book with them, .