Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tour information 2

Area tours:
Koh kong island with 6 beaches,the 3rd being our choice as it has a beautiful lagoon behind it.The island will reward you with white sands,shallow crystal clear waters and as its uninhabited a near as you get castaway experience.More tours are going to the island now but you can still enjoy the uncrowded white sand.Options of small speed boat or traditional long tail boat get you to the island in just over a hour(speedboat) or 2.5(long-tail) and both can return via pream krasop mangrove forest.BBQ can be arranged on the beach.There are no sleepovers or accommodation on the island as its a military controlled island and don't believe operators who flounce this rule as it could land you in trouble or out of time to visit November to may-we don't run this tour June to October as the sea conditions can turn with the monsoon and your beach experience can be ruined by monsoon rubbish washed up.
Koh por waterfall is 16km up the Stung koh poi estuary and is a stunning jungle gorge with a 30mtr wide,4 mtr drop waterfall,in the wet season it is a spectacular torrent filling the gorge but swimming and exploring is limited,November onwards it subsides leaving smaller falls and more bathing opportunities and further trekking chances to other falls and trips or sleepovers can be arranged.This is my personal favorite trip in the area with the boat ride up taking your breath away.Speed boat gets you there in 45mins and long-tail 2.5hrs.

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