Monday, November 18, 2013

Tour scam warning

a waring for anyone booking tours in koh kong,oasis uses ritthy- koh kong eco adventure tours ,which used to be koh kong eco tours until a notorious hotel in kho kong stole his name!!and now copies his signs.The  bad tour office is run from the koh kong guesthouse on the river front(next door to Ritthy) or also know as mr.42,do your research before booking with them as a female traveler who recently went on a jungle trek with them had her phone and camera stolen by one of there guides and the manger(mr.42) just made excuses,they are a badly run operation who intentions are on ripping tourist off and tarnishing the areas reputation,please be aware as some hotel will take there commission and pass you onto them.
oasis resort uses Ritthy for the tours as the ya are the best run tours in town but Neptune and blue moon also run good quality torus.