Sunday, October 4, 2009

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Koh Kong Eco tourism area:
Cambodia is emerging from a difficult past to become the new jewel on the south-east Asia crown of travel ,with Koh kong province offering the Kingdoms most rewarding natural scenery.The province known for waterfalls and the outlaying island of the same name also offers one of the largest areas of mangrove forest left in the world and the second largest area of rain forest in south east Asia.
Oasis resort is the ideal place to view this superb region with the view from the resort to the cardamom mountain range one of the best in the area,2km outside the town( 9km from Thai border) also giving you peace and tranquility but close enough to access amenities and local facilities.
The tours from the resort are put together with the resort owners local knowledge and most experienced and longest established here, with most other operators seeking the advice from oasis.The tours having been running now for nearly 4 yrs and the owner has been exploring and gathering information of the area since 2002.
Nearly all the tours are established by the resort but have been set up using local khmers and their transport enabling the local people to profit from the tours and establish communal eco tourism.

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