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Resort policy

Oasis resort runs a strict policy on check in guests,guest who check into bungalows cannot bring any guest back to their bungalow.To promote the family environment of the resort we reserve the right of judgment on check in customers and a Asian female must provide valid identification if accompanied by a foreigner, we apologize if this causes any offense to genuine couples but the resort reserves the right to protect its customers, family environment and guests.
Any Adult accompanying a minor must be able to provide valid proof of parental control,if requested.Failure to do this will result in the authorities being notified.Our policies are upheld in order to promote awareness and Higher standards throughout the Kingdom,we hope no offense is caused by promoting these standards.

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Tour information 4

Koh por(Dec /07)
jungle trekking

Speed boat Koh por(september /08)

Koh kong island

Tour information 3

Area tours:
.Tatai waterfall,lies about 22km outside of town by motorbike and a short walk through bamboo forest,it is a 20mtr wide and 6mtr drop which gushes in the wet season and steadies to a trickle through the hot season,a beautiful location but suffers from litter due to its easy accessibility.
Either hire a motorbike or let someone drive you,around 30 mins from town.Rainbow lodge,a Eco lodge at Tatai runs boat trips to the falls and has a jungle walk set up,ring ahead as there is no road to the lodge and needs boat pick up.
Jungle trekking,we have a few walks for different levels of fitness and budget,we use disused loggers trails and if they still use them the sight of tourist puts them off so the trails are now helping the local environment,they finish at small rapids so you can have a cool dip.
Local walks that are free and we provide information and maps for these for the ramblers.
Bird watching trips can be arranged along highway #48 with early morning starts rewarding the enthusiast.
Fishing trips are now being established,river or sea.
Dolphin watching is another early morning trip but is better combined with a the island visit or a Pream krasop mangrove trip as the rare irrawaddy dolphin has been seen here.
Pream Krasop wildlife sanctuary,don't be expecting to see a lot of wildlife as it refers to the crustations and fish wildlife which the mangrove forest supports,but the raised walkway through one of the largest areas of mangrove is a great half or full day experience with a suspension bridge leading to a viewing tower and local boats for hire to explore the canal network and to outlaying villages and small islands such as koh kapi.
All information on tours is posted on a information board at the resort and tours can be tailored to meet your levels of adventure and costs shared with other guest if your numbers are small

Tour information 2

Area tours:
Koh kong island with 6 beaches,the 3rd being our choice as it has a beautiful lagoon behind it.The island will reward you with white sands,shallow crystal clear waters and as its uninhabited a near as you get castaway experience.More tours are going to the island now but you can still enjoy the uncrowded white sand.Options of small speed boat or traditional long tail boat get you to the island in just over a hour(speedboat) or 2.5(long-tail) and both can return via pream krasop mangrove forest.BBQ can be arranged on the beach.There are no sleepovers or accommodation on the island as its a military controlled island and don't believe operators who flounce this rule as it could land you in trouble or out of pocket.best time to visit November to may-we don't run this tour June to October as the sea conditions can turn with the monsoon and your beach experience can be ruined by monsoon rubbish washed up.
Koh por waterfall is 16km up the Stung koh poi estuary and is a stunning jungle gorge with a 30mtr wide,4 mtr drop waterfall,in the wet season it is a spectacular torrent filling the gorge but swimming and exploring is limited,November onwards it subsides leaving smaller falls and more bathing opportunities and further trekking chances to other falls and rapids.day trips or sleepovers can be arranged.This is my personal favorite trip in the area with the boat ride up taking your breath away.Speed boat gets you there in 45mins and long-tail 2.5hrs.

Tour infomation 1

Koh Kong Eco tourism area:
Cambodia is emerging from a difficult past to become the new jewel on the south-east Asia crown of travel ,with Koh kong province offering the Kingdoms most rewarding natural scenery.The province known for waterfalls and the outlaying island of the same name also offers one of the largest areas of mangrove forest left in the world and the second largest area of rain forest in south east Asia.
Oasis resort is the ideal place to view this superb region with the view from the resort to the cardamom mountain range one of the best in the area,2km outside the town( 9km from Thai border) also giving you peace and tranquility but close enough to access amenities and local facilities.
The tours from the resort are put together with the resort owners local knowledge and most experienced and longest established here, with most other operators seeking the advice from oasis.The tours having been running now for nearly 4 yrs and the owner has been exploring and gathering information of the area since 2002.
Nearly all the tours are established by the resort but have been set up using local khmers and their transport enabling the local people to profit from the tours and establish communal eco tourism.

Bungalow accomodation

Family friendly accommodation
Our Bungalows are a spacious 36sqm with en-suite bathroom with hot shower.The rooms are based on two adults sharing but we have some bungalows with extra beds to accommodate extra adults or children,the bungalow has A/C,fan,satellite T.V,DVD player,Mini fridge and safe deposit box.our policy of check in guests only is to provide our guests with a safe family enviroment and upheld strictly for the customers enjoyment of the resort.


35.Bowl of ice cream
choice of 2 flavors(scoops)-chocolate,strawberry or vanilla
36.Banana split
choice of 3 flavors(scoops) between a split banana with strawberry sauce and peanuts topping
37.Caramel fried banana
38.Fruit & ice cream
choice of 2 flavors(scoops)
39.Brandy crepe
40.Yogurt & fruit

Menu-Main meals

Main meals:((v)=vegetarian option available/*served with rice)
19.Ban chow(Khmer pork & beansprout pancake) (v)*
20.Pizza bread & chips (v)
21.Fried rice(pork,chicken,beef or seafood) (v)
22.Fried noodle(pork,chicken,beef or seafood) (v)
23.Hamburger & chips
24.Chicken nuggets & chips
25.Chicken breasts,buttered veg & chips
26.Steak & chips
27.Chicken korma curry(v)*
28.Thai green curry(v)*
29.Thai tom yum(chicken or seafood) (v)*
30.Khmer lok lak(beef strips cooked in oyster sauce,garlic&tomato sauce)*
31.Peppered squid*
32.Salad plate(ham,cheese,egg mayo,chicken or spicy seafood)
33.Honey & chili chicken*
34.Sea fish(catch of the day served in veg/serves 2 person)*

MENU(breakfast & starters/snacks)

1.corn flakes & milk
2.Fruit & yogurt
3.Beans on toast
4.Omelet(ham,bacon or plain)
5.Toast or Baguette(jam or marmalade)
6.Egg on toast(fried,scrambled or poached)
7.Bacon on toast
8.Sausage on toast or baguette
9.English breakfast(eggs,bacon,sausage,tomato,toast and tea or coffee)
10.pancakes(syrup or honey)
Starters & snacks:
11.Chicken & lemongrass soup
12.Beef & tomato soup
13.Carrot and coriander soup(v)
14.Pork noodle soup
15.Tempura veg(v)
16.Potato chips(v)
17.Spring rolls(v)
18.Sandwich baguette(chicken,ham,egg mayo,BLT,or seafood)(v)
(v) vegetarian option

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Resort facilities

Tropical garden
15mtr infinity swimming pool 1-1.5mtr depth with 0.5mtr kids pool
Local tour information and arrangement
Bar/restaurant area
T.V/DVD area
DVD Library(inc kids selection)
Book Library
Free internet for guests(WI-fi coming)
BBQ area
Gymnasium/fitness area
Pool table
chess table
20 mtr tropical bird aviary
Fish pond
Laundry facilities
Travel arrangment
#1 source of local tours

resort info&facilities

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