Friday, December 14, 2012

kayaking adventures

Brand new 3 man sea kayaks are now available from koh kong eco tours to take your own trip out on the rivers at the foot of the cardamom mountains,guides are available but the peace and freedom is best experienced independently!

Bus tickets

Please be aware that bus tickets in koh kong to Phnom penh or sihanoukville are $6-7,if anyone is trying to tell you more please look around and get the correct price,bus companies let anyone sell there  tickets at what ever price they choose, a river front guesthouse which unfortunately has a old English guy in on it is selling there tickets for $11 to unsuspecting tourists,please get the right price to try to teach tourism going forward to the thief's who are still trying to drag koh kong down! Bus tickets to Phnom penh and sihanoukville are $6-7 and the agent selling this is still getting a booking fee so don't let them swindle you for more!