Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tour information 3

Area tours:
.Tatai waterfall,lies about 22km outside of town by motorbike and a short walk through bamboo forest,it is a 20mtr wide and 6mtr drop which gushes in the wet season and steadies to a trickle through the hot season,a beautiful location but suffers from litter due to its easy accessibility.
Either hire a motorbike or let someone drive you,around 30 mins from town.Rainbow lodge,a Eco lodge at Tatai runs boat trips to the falls and has a jungle walk set up,ring ahead as there is no road to the lodge and needs boat pick up.
Jungle trekking,we have a few walks for different levels of fitness and budget,we use disused loggers trails and if they still use them the sight of tourist puts them off so the trails are now helping the local environment,they finish at small rapids so you can have a cool dip.
Local walks that are free and we provide information and maps for these for the ramblers.
Bird watching trips can be arranged along highway #48 with early morning starts rewarding the enthusiast.
Fishing trips are now being established,river or sea.
Dolphin watching is another early morning trip but is better combined with a the island visit or a Pream krasop mangrove trip as the rare irrawaddy dolphin has been seen here.
Pream Krasop wildlife sanctuary,don't be expecting to see a lot of wildlife as it refers to the crustations and fish wildlife which the mangrove forest supports,but the raised walkway through one of the largest areas of mangrove is a great half or full day experience with a suspension bridge leading to a viewing tower and local boats for hire to explore the canal network and to outlaying villages and small islands such as koh kapi.
All information on tours is posted on a information board at the resort and tours can be tailored to meet your levels of adventure and costs shared with other guest if your numbers are small

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