Monday, November 18, 2013

Tour scam warning

a waring for anyone booking tours in koh kong,oasis uses ritthy- koh kong eco adventure tours ,which used to be koh kong eco tours until a notorious hotel in kho kong stole his name!!and now copies his signs.The  bad tour office is run from the koh kong guesthouse on the river front(next door to Ritthy) or also know as mr.42,do your research before booking with them as a female traveler who recently went on a jungle trek with them had her phone and camera stolen by one of there guides and the manger(mr.42) just made excuses,they are a badly run operation who intentions are on ripping tourist off and tarnishing the areas reputation,please be aware as some hotel will take there commission and pass you onto them.
oasis resort uses Ritthy for the tours as the ya are the best run tours in town but Neptune and blue moon also run good quality torus.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The end of a era

Koh kong island one of the last true castaway experience in this region is now entering a new period but sadly leaving behind another.Recently Bungalows have been built ion beach 4 and opened in December 2012,the same people who own the Apex have now are expanding to beach 3(beach 6 in the lonely planet) so people will now be bale to stay out on the island in bungalows,hopefully it will be run ok and people can stay on the island to experience its beauty.This joint Apex hotel/military soldiers on the island venture opens new time for the island but also closes another which i stared 8 yrs ago which is the days tours to the island as they are not allowing trips to the beach 3 while they construct and only after if they eat at there restaurant,so the freedom of beach BBQ and adventure has now gone,but trips will still be run to beach 2 which is nice but not of the beach 3 standard.reports this season from guest are of the island suffering from its worst year of sand flies with some people being badly bitten by the little terrors,this is possibly due tot he increase in rubbish from fishing boats and other tour operators leaving there litter and lunch remains there,so possibly the adventure and uniqueness of the island has now passed.

Friday, December 14, 2012

kayaking adventures

Brand new 3 man sea kayaks are now available from koh kong eco tours to take your own trip out on the rivers at the foot of the cardamom mountains,guides are available but the peace and freedom is best experienced independently!

Bus tickets

Please be aware that bus tickets in koh kong to Phnom penh or sihanoukville are $6-7,if anyone is trying to tell you more please look around and get the correct price,bus companies let anyone sell there  tickets at what ever price they choose, a river front guesthouse which unfortunately has a old English guy in on it is selling there tickets for $11 to unsuspecting tourists,please get the right price to try to teach tourism going forward to the thief's who are still trying to drag koh kong down! Bus tickets to Phnom penh and sihanoukville are $6-7 and the agent selling this is still getting a booking fee so don't let them swindle you for more!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Koh kong islands trip

The trip to koh kong island that we have been running for 8yrs is still a great trip but 4 other Khmer hotels are running the same trip now and leaving all there food litter on the beach,we cleaned this beach every time for years but now cannot remove all there litter so a beautiful spot is becoming dirty,apologies for anyone who has been let down by this.If you book with koh kong eco tours you will still get a good value day out with great bbq,the other hotels will give you poor food and a bad trip,read the internet to see these bad trips run by two bad hotels to make sure your holiday isnt disappointed,as always any where int he world if a bus takes you to a hotel they own and then try and keep you in there restaurant and do there tours its bad sign!.

Tuk Tuk annoyances!

Due to increasing greed and problems with the bus station and tuk tuks in koh kong with the authority doing nothing about, please  email for arranged tuk tuk pick up to the resort for $2 plus the corrupot bus station $0.50 tax!If you try your self you will be hassled by rude aggressive tuk tuk drivers demanding $4-5 for a 2km ride or they will take you for a $2 to commission paying dirty,poorly run Khmer hotel!let us help you take the hassle away that Cambodia seems to welcome visitors with!
Oasis resort has now handed over all tours to eh Khmer people we have been training and koh kong eco tours now run all the tours and booking,please visit there site and book with them, .